Here are the winners of the inaugural Switcheo Referral Program Lucky Draw:

Each winner will be awarded $1000 USD (~0.10 WBTC). Congratulations to all the winners and thank you everyone for participating!

Changes to Current Referral Campaign

At Switcheo, we move fast and experiment often! Sometimes however, the results don’t match our expectations, and responding fast is important as well.

At the moment, we feel that the ticket and lucky draw system in our referral program can be improved. We will therefore be removing that component of our referral program following this draw, and no longer issue tickets or conduct further draws.

Referral rebates and discounts shall continue to be awarded without any changes. Our first automated disbursement will happen on 31st March, 2020 for users that have accrued at least $25 of rebates.

More Updates Coming Soon

We’ve updated our landing pages and support articles to reflect the changes, and are preparing a more exciting format that will encourage users to share our platform with more traders and market makers. We’ll announce the improved changes very soon!

For more information on Switcheo: