50% in bonuses and pool of $40,000 BTC to be won!

Our highly anticipated Switcheo Referral Program is finally here!

This Referral Program rewards you for sharing about Switcheo with your friends and family.

Starting today, you can log into your Switcheo Account or create a Portfolio and begin referring your friends to Switcheo. A referral code can be found in the Portfolio page of the Wallet Manager.

When a friend that you have invited successfully signs up, you begin earning 50% of the fee from every trade they make! In addition, your friend will receive a 25% discount on their trading fees for the first 3 months.

To top it off, we are doing an exclusive giveaway where you stand to win from a pool of $40,000 in Bitcoin (BTC) for a whole year!

You’ll earn tickets which give you chances to win in the giveaways, when your invited friends complete certain actions such as making a certain amount of trades. For full details on how to earn tickets, click here.

Our first giveaway will happen on 29 October 2019, and users will win from a pool of $5,000 BTC! More exciting and attractive prizes will be unlocked and rolled out progressively in the coming months.

How it works

You’ll need to first find your referral code from your Switcheo Portfolio page in the Wallet Manager.

Switcheo Portfolio is a novel initiative that allows our DEX users to participate in referral programs and reward campaigns using their existing pseudo-anonymous wallet addresses. In addition, we will be expanding the feature to allow users to track their various trading statistics (such as PnL) in the near future.

Existing Switcheo Account users need not create a new Portfolio, as it will be automatically created for you; users that are using (one or more) blockchain wallets should connect their wallets and create one.

Step 1: Log in with your Switcheo Account, or connect your blockchain wallet and create a new Portfolio.

Step 2: Find and share your referral code located in the Portfolio screen (or post it directly on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit)!

Step 3: Once your friends start signing up and trading, bonuses and tickets can be tracked in the Portfolio page.

For full details about our referral program, click here.

Ready to start? Invite your friends today!

Event Rules

  • To view the terms & conditions for the event, please see this.
  • All of Switcheo’s standard event terms & conditions also apply.

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