We are delighted to announce that Switcheo is listing the ERC-20 version of USDT (Tether), allowing Switcheo users to buy and sell from one of the most liquid stablecoin markets.

With the growing popularity of the Ethereum-based Tether, we are introducing the following trading pairs, with USDT as the quote currency:

On top of that, with DAI being one of the most popular stablecoins on Ethereum, we have also added the USDT/DAI trading pair.

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Risk Warning: Cryptocurrencies and digital tokens are subject to high market volatility and risk. Please apply your own due diligence before buying or selling cryptocurrencies and digital tokens. Switcheo will make our best efforts to choose high quality tokens, but will not be responsible for monetary losses.

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About Tether:

Tether is a token backed by actual assets, including USD and Euros. One Tether equals one underlying unit of the currency backing it, e.g., the U.S. Dollar, and is backed 100% by actual assets in the Tether platform’s reserve account. Being anchored or “tethered” to real world currency, Tether provides protection from the volatility of cryptocurrencies.

Find out more about Tether here:

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About Switcheo Network:

Switcheo Network is the first decentralized cryptocurrency exchange on the NEO blockchain which now allows trading of EOS, Ethereum and NEO tokens.

Our goal is to achieve a DEX network with cross-chain swapping capabilities across multiple blockchains, with a focus on delivering a world-class trading experience in a fully trustless and decentralized environment.

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