As the Moonlight team has delayed their token contract upgrade until more testing can be done, we are delighted to announce that Moonlight (LX) will be re-listed on Switcheo Exchange for the time being. The listing will allow Switcheo users to trade LX against NEO.

Deposits are now open for LX and trading will start on 7 April, at 4pm SGT.

About Moonlight:

Moonlight is a distributed workforce and project management platform being developed in the NEO ecosystem by a number of City of Zion members and will be introducing a divisible, high supply NEP-5.1 system token called Lux.

Find out more about Moonlight here:

Website | Twitter | GitHub | LinkedIn

About Switcheo Network:

Switcheo Network is the first decentralized exchange on the NEO blockchain which now allows trading of Ethereum and NEO tokens.

Our goal is to achieve a DEX network with cross-chain swapping capabilities across popular blockchains, with a focus on delivering a world-class trading experience in a trustless and decentralized environment.

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For more information on Switcheo: