We are delighted to announce that Moonlight Lux (LX) has been re-listed on Switcheo Exchange. This listing will allow Switcheo users to buy and sell LX against NEO.

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Risk Warning: Cryptocurrencies and digital tokens are subject to high market volatility and risk. Please apply your own due diligence before buying or selling cryptocurrencies and digital tokens. Switcheo will make our best efforts to choose high quality tokens, but will not be responsible for monetary losses.

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About Moonlight Lux:

Moonlight is a distributed workforce and project management platform being developed in the NEO ecosystem by a number of City of Zion members and will be introducing a divisible, high supply NEP-5.1 system token called Lux.

Find out more about Moonlight here:

Website | Twitter | GitHub | LinkedIn

About Switcheo Network:

Switcheo Network is the first multichain decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that allows for cross-chain trading of Ethereum, EOS and NEO based tokens.

We are building an open and decentralized financial network with a world-class experience where users are able to transact freely and securely with one another.

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