We are listing Jarvis Reward Token (JRT)!

JRT is the native token of Jarvis Network, used to govern and secure it. This project aims to bring thousands of legacy traders and investors into decentralized finance by bridging the gaps between the two worlds.

The JRT/ETH token pair is now available for trading on Switcheo Exchange.

About Jarvis Network

Jarvis Network is a set of peer-to-contract trading protocols on Ethereum aiming to universalize the access to financial markets and to uberize brokerage. Anyone can become a broker and market make any financial assets by creating, funding, and maintaining liquidity pools (LP) which can remain market neutral. These LPs enable anyone to gain leveraged and synthetic exposure to the price of any traditional or digital assets.

The team is currently developing a trustless and non-custodial off-chain trading protocol and an on-chain capital-efficient synthetic assets issuance protocol on the top of UMA.

Find out more about Jarvis Network here

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