We are excited to announce that Flamingo Finance Token (FLM) is now listed on Switcheo!

FLM is Flamingo Finance’s native governance token built using Neo’s NEP-5 standard that will be fully distributed over a 13-week period to participants based on their contributions to the protocol.

Switcheo users can deposit and trade FLM against NEO on Switcheo once tokens are claimable from Flamingo Finance.

About Flamingo Finance

Flamingo Finance is an interoperable, full-stack DeFi protocol built on the Neo blockchain supported by the NEO Global Development (NGD). As a cornerstone of Neo’s DeFi infrastructure, Flamingo rounds out the Neo ecosystem’s DeFi network and aims to provide innovative solutions to current challenges faced in the DeFi space. Centered on the three essential elements of DeFi - assets, markets and funds, Flamingo is built with a variety of closely integrated markets and financial products to ensure a streamlined liquidity flow within all products.

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About Switcheo

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