We are delighted to announce that Digitex (DGTX) is now listed on Switcheo Exchange. The listing will allow Switcheo users to trade DGTX against ETH.

About Digitex:

DGTX is an ERC-223 Ethereum token which serves as the native currency of the Digitex Futures exchange. Traders must own DGTX in order to trade on their commission-free, non-custodial exchange exchange. The exchange is funded via regularly scheduled and transparent token sales, in place of charging fees.

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About Switcheo Network:

Switcheo Network is the first multichain decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that allows for cross-chain trading of Ethereum, EOS and NEO based tokens.

We are building an open and decentralized financial network with a world-class experience where users are able to transact freely and securely with one another.

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