The nOS project evolved into Compendia earlier this year. Its native token migrated from NOS, a NEP-5 token to BIND, Compendia’s native token on its very own blockchain.

The Compendia team has enabled an ERC-20 version of BIND, wBIND to be used on the Ethereum blockchain. As such, we are listing the wBIND/ETH market!

The wBIND token is now available for trading on Switcheo Exchange.

You can swap your BIND tokens to wBIND at

If you need to swap your NOS tokens to BIND, head on over to  to do a swap. Here’s a step-by-step video tutorial to guide you through the swap.

*Do note that the NOS/NEO market will also be delisted simultaneously.

About Compendia

Compendia was previously introduced as nOS in 2018 as an all-in-one platform for building, publishing, and discovering crypto-powered apps. Compendia’s prominent feature is its apps store, a community-driven decentralized directory for apps.

From an app store, Compendia decided to expand its platform and build a fully decentralized network. The network’s purpose is to enable anyone to share real-time databases for any kind of information.

Compendia envision the network to be “The Wikipedia of Databases for APIs and Smart Contracts.”

Find out more about Compendia here

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