Decentralized lending protocol Aave, launched Governance on mainnet in September with their first proposal that initiated a token migration from LEND to new governance token, AAVE. The token migration was passed by voters, making AAVE the official token for the protocol.

Therefore, Switcheo is now listing the AAVE/ETH market! The AAVE token is now available for trading on Switcheo Exchange.

Token holders can swap their tokens at a rate of 100 LEND to 1 AAVE at

For more information on how to migrate your LEND tokens to AAVE, check out Aave’s FAQ page at

*Do note that the LEND/ETH market will be delisted simultaneously from Switcheo Exchange.

About AAVE

Aave (AAVE) is a leading decentralized lending protocol that allows users to borrow and lend a diverse range of cryptocurrencies at both stable or variable interest rates. In a step towards further decentralizing the protocol, Aave introduced The Aavenomics, an upgrade to their tokenomics featuring new future-proof frameworks that leverage financial incentives and governance to prioritize the safety and security of Aave.

Find out more about Aave here:
Website | Twitter | Medium | GitHub | Discord

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