We’re thrilled to share that our integration with Uniswap has been completed!

This integration demonstrates how different DeFi projects can make use of each other’s strengths to improve the overall user experience. In this case, Switcheo users get to access a much larger pool of liquidity coming from Uniswap, and by extension, to tighter spreads and more competitive pricing. Traders get to enjoy the security and low fees of decentralized exchanges while bypassing the problem of low liquidity.

Overall, we are happy to see such a vibrant and diverse set of traders on Switcheo Exchange for their liquidity needs. This encourages us to keep expanding further within this space.

Starting pairs include: BAT/ETH | ETH/WBTC | MKR/ETH

Please note that more pairs will be integrated soon!

Trade with Switcheo Exchange today!

About Uniswap:

Uniswap is a protocol for automated token exchange on Ethereum. It is designed around ease-of-use, gas efficiency, and censorship resistance. It is useful for traders and functions particularly well as a component of other smart contracts which require guaranteed on-chain liquidity.

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