As Switcheo’s HODL campaign draws near, we are pleased to share with you the steps on how to commit your SWTH tokens on Switcheo Exchange.

Read on to find out more.

How to HODL

Step 1: Login and deposit SWTH to your contract balance

If this is your first time using Switcheo, head to Switcheo Exchange and login to your NEO wallet (with SWTH tokens), using your preferred login method. In the example below, Private Key is selected as the preferred login method.

Once logged in, type in “SWTH” in the search bar. Click on “Deposit” and key in the amount of SWTH tokens you would like to commit. This will transfer your SWTH tokens from your wallet balance to the contract balance. Once confirmed, click on the transfer button to proceed.

Step 2: Navigate to the “Switcheo Chest” page

After your SWTH tokens have been successfully transferred, click on the menu bar on the top right corner (highlighted in red). Under the menu bar dropdown, select “Chest”.

Step 3: Under the dropdown “Switcheo Chest”, select Switcheo HODL Lite or Switcheo HODL Premier.

Step 4: Key in the amount of SWTH tokens you want to commit.

Step 5: Verify your lockup details. Then, click “Confirm”.

Step 6: Your committed SWTH tokens will now appear under the History tab.

Once committed, users will not be able to unlock or use their tokens until after the campaign end time. Tokens that are locked are still eligible for Switcheo’s airdrop campaigns.

You can commit and HODL your SWTH tokens on Switcheo Exchange starting today.

Switcheo HODL Lite will run from 8 April, 12:00 SGT to 7 July, 12:00 SGT.

Switcheo HODL Premier will run from 8 April, 12:00 SGT to 5 October, 12:00 SGT.

The mobile version of Switcheo Chest will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

For more information on the Switcheo HODL Campaign and distribution amount, please click on the link here.

To view Switcheo’s terms and conditions, go here.

For more information on Switcheo: