We are excited to announce that Switcheo has been integrated with Fortmatic!

Switcheo’s recent integration with Fortmatic allows for users to trade on Switcheo exchange directly with your Fortmatic wallet.

Connecting to Fortmatic

Users will be able to find the Formatic wallet under the usual “Blockchain Wallets” section in the Wallet Manager on Switcheo Exchange.

Simply sign up or login with your phone or email to begin trading on Switcheo!

Formatic provides a login system that Web 2.0 users are familiar with

After logging in with Formatic, your deposits, withdrawals, and trades can be signed without the use of browser extensions or seed phrases.

Trade signature request and deposit request

Login to Switcheo exchange with your Fortmatic wallet today!

About Fortmatic Wallet:
Fortmatic is an easy-to-use alternative to web3 wallets like Metamask. It allows users to use a phone number or email address to connect to Ethereum-based applications, all without the need for a browser extension.

Find out more about Fortmatic here:
Website | Medium | Twitter| Github | Telegram | Discord

About Switcheo:

Switcheo builds decentralized platforms that break new ground, bringing you finance without limits. Whether you’re a battle-weary trader or are just making your first purchase, there’s nothing cryptic about crypto on Switcheo. Leading the pack with multiple world firsts, your time spent with Switcheo will be a worthwhile investment.

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