The Switcheo team recently reviewed our listing policy to have stronger guidelines for protecting traders interests as well as to encourage better liquidity.

Based on the new listing policy, we have also conducted a review of all tokens and will be delisting tokens that do not pass the new policy. In addition, we are adding new tokens that we are confident will perform well on Switcheo.

Both new listings and de-listings will happen upon the completion of NEO V3 scheduled maintenance on Monday, 25 March. Tokens that are delisted will still be available for withdrawal at any time.

A Word from the Founders

One of the main reasons Switcheo Exchange was built was so that any legitimate token would be able to form a secure trading market without paying exorbitant listing fees.

Almost a year later, this has not changed. However, Switcheo is a decentralized exchange that does not just strive to have the user experience of its centralized counterparts, but also to have liquid markets comparable to the current leading exchanges. This has been reiterated by us many times in the past.

To do this, we have come up with a market maker program, and have provided liquidity on some markets through third parties. However, the initial goal of listing every single token out there, and having the market for them made is unfeasible due to capital limitations on both external liquidity providers as well as Switcheo Exchange.

Furthermore, listing every token without consideration encourages our exchange to be viewed as a dumping ground. Therefore we have concluded that the traditional DEX model of listing does not align with our goals of a strong trading experience.

We are therefore transitioning to a fully curated model with a transparent listing policy that we will continuously review and improve upon. This will better protect our traders in future, as well as encourage more organic volumes due to highly liquid markets.

We hope that token issuers of delisted coins will choose to use decentralized platforms with automated market maker strategies such as Uniswap. They are better suited for low cap tokens or those that have lower token velocity and more illiquid markets on decentralized exchanges.

Switcheo will continue fulfill our role in this space by listing coins with both strong utility and speculative value. We are confident that traders will prefer Switcheo to other exchanges for these markets for our superior user experience and security, as well as our extensive integrations with the decentralized ecosystem.

New Listing Policy

Here is the set of new listing policies we have developed that aims to protects traders while not restricting any legitimate token from listing due to high listing fees.

Tokens must pass one of the following criteria:

  • Have high utility at this moment
    - above $100m market capitalization
    - strong demand for token due to high usage (utility)
    - high global liquidity allows external market makers to voluntarily participate with low exposure risk
  • Is doing an initial listing
    - above $1m raised
    - up to 10% raised should be committed for providing liquidity until their token is fully usable (utility unlocked)
    - not listed on any major exchange
    - have strong eventual tokenomics (demonstrates utility)
  • Is providing liquidity through our market making partners
    - above $10m market capitalization
    - have strong eventual tokenomics (demonstrates utility)
  • Is a stablecoin
    - either algorithmic or backed by a Trust company

Finally, Switcheo may from time to time list tokens for a limited period of time. This is so that we are able to immediately form the market for tokens that we feel will meet the listing criteria eventually. These tokens will be delisted if they do not meet the listing criteria after the probation period ends.


Help! “My” token fulfills the listing policy but was delisted!

If you are a token issuer and feel that your token fulfills the listing policy, or are willing to make changes to fulfill it, let us know at

If you are not a token issuer but feel a token is delisted “unjustly”, email as only if you are willing to buy a significant quantity of said token. Otherwise, your reluctance to do so is the very reason for the difficulty in providing liquidity for the delisted token!

• • •

We have not changed our commitment in bringing not just the best trading experience, but also liquid markets to Switcheo. We are confident these changes will help in that endeavor.

Thank you for supporting Switcheo Network.

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