Dear Switcheo Community,

On 27 August 2019, the Bomb Team announced that they will be taking a snapshot of all Bomb Token holders on September 1st at an estimated time of 1am SGT (UTC+8).

Switcheo users who are holding BOMB on the exchange and wish to participate in the airdrop are advised to withdraw your tokens onto supported wallets before the stipulated airdrop date.

Note: As the Bomb Token operates on a deflationary model, a percentage (%) of your tokens will be burnt when making a transfer.

Eligible Bomb Token holders will be airdropped tokens at a rate of 1 BOMB: 25 XIO.

XIO is the native token for BOMBX, a blockchain-based incubator to help other projects do the same: launch innovative, original, and experimental ideas into the decentralized world. Holding XIO allows users to receive/perform exclusive token distributions, gain access to early-stage startups, and assist the growth of the entire network.


27 August — Bomb Team announces BOMB:XIO airdrop
1 September, 1am SGT (UTC+8)— A snapshot will be taken of all Bomb Token holders

To find out more about Bomb’s XIO airdrop, please visit the link below:

6 Days until Snapshot (BOMB:XIO) | Approved Wallets + Conversion Requirements
On September 1st at approximately noon CST, a snapshot will be taken of all Bomb Token holders. If you follow the…
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